5 Easy Fixes to Spotify Waiting to Download on Android

Are you one of those Spotify users who get this “waiting to download” message on Android when  trying to download a song? Spotify acting sometimes crazy as this one is completely normal and can be handled. You don’t have to delete your app before finding a solution any more. I am here to help you resolve your Spotify waiting to download Songs issue by simply pinpointing the underlying issue and troubleshoot it. Don’t worry, this won’t take long and you can actually get there, listening to your most favorite downloaded tunes. 

5 Common Reasons: Spotify waiting to download

I have been a Spotify lover for more than a decade now, and I have been through thick and thin with Spotify. But believe me the Spotify App is more than Amazing when it comes to stream your favorite music online or offline. Just give the “Spotify waiting to Download” Message underlying cause one chance and you can resolve this in a jiffy. Let’s find out the reasons.

spotify waiting to download

Weak Internet Connection

When you are not able to download your favorite music, and you see a message popping up “Spotify waiting to download”, the first and foremost thing to check is your internet connection. A weak internet connection can hinder any internet activity and so is the case with Spotify music downloading. Fix the internet or shift to your mobile data and then try downloading the song again.

Outdated Spotify App

Spotify keeps updating its new versions to fix up old bugs. An outdated, or old version may be a major reason for not downloading the song and sending a “ Spotify waiting to download” pop-up on your screen. So, relax and check your app store for Spotify updates. If there is an available one, update your Spotify app and try downloading the music again.

Stuffed Storage

If you are still getting the “Spotify waiting to download” message, then your own mobile device may be the real culprit with not enough space to accommodate music files. Free up space on your phone by deleting unnecessary videos, music, data and files to free up enough space for the Spotify music. 

Spotify Cache

Spotify Cache is one of the very common and recurring reasons for the malfunctioning of the app. Not being able to download songs is one of the outcomes of a faulty Spotify Cache. Clear your App’s cache by navigating to the app settings and find clear cache option Clear your cache and try to download the songs again. Make sure that the device storage is available as well.

Spotify App down

Still facing the “Spotify waiting to download” message on your device? Well, the Spotify App might be down. You can also figure out when the app is down, so you may try downloading the songs sometime later. 


Spotify App is one of the best music streaming apps but might pose some issues at times. If you are having the “waiting to download” pop up again and again, check for the reasons above. The reasons stated above are the ones users commonly face when trying to download songs. If you are facing the issue again, contact Spotify Support.


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