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Spotify++ For IOS 14/15/16/17 Download [No Jail Break, No Ads]

Download Spotify MOD apk and enjoy all the premium features with ad-free music experience.

If you are an Apple user and frustrated with recurring ads, downloading limitations, restricted song skipping, low-quality audio, inaccessibility to a massive music library and not being able to listen to songs offline and other infinite constraints then you are not alone. It is quite true that the Spotify free APK on Apple devices is a pure disappointment for music and podcast lovers. The paid subscription option is another upsetting offer from Spotify.

Considering all such setbacks for iPhone, iPad and iPod users, I have uploaded the Spotify Plus Plus APK on my website. Spotify is a one-stop music streaming app that caters to all your music, podcasts, and documentary listening needs. Download the latest Spotify++ for IOS and get premium features like no ads, unlimited skips, offline listening, song downloading, no jailbreak required, high-quality audio, and much freer from reliable Spotify APK source. It provides the users with all the premium features without activating the paid subscription.

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June 12, 2024


165.7 MB


iOS 14/15./16/17


Premium Unlocked


What are Spotify++ and Spotify ++ for IOS?

Spotify++ is a comprehensive app for streaming songs, podcasts, documentaries, and much more for iOS. The app is specially developed for iPhone and iPad users compatible with iOS 14, 15, 16, 17, and later. 

Spotify officially has strict restrictions on the availability of its premium app free of cost, hence, there are third-party installers that offer modded versions of Spotify APK, known as Spotify++ for IOS. This Spotify premium APK iOS version also sometimes referred to as Spotify++ IPA offers all the premium features, for free, that are otherwise available on the paid version. 

The Spotify++ for iOS can be installed in jailbroken iPhones through third-party installers. The detailed process is given in the same post. 

Spotify++ for IOS vs Spotify Basic

spotify vs spotifyy++ for ios

Spotify Premium for IOS is the modified version of Spotify that offers the premium features of standard Spotify, making the app much more powerful, attractive, and a go-to app for all music streaming needs.

Features of Spotify++ for IOS

The Spotify premium APK for iOS is a specially designed free version available to third-party installers. The Spotify++ IOS has similar features to that of a Spotify premium APK for iOS with the additional benefit of being free of cost. I have listed down a few of its significant features that make the Spotify app a blast

no ads

No ADs

When it comes to music streaming, ads can be frustrating. The Spotify++ for IOS eliminates ads interruptions and provides smooth music streaming for you to enjoy the flow of the music or podcasts.

spotify no ads
play button

Unlimited Song Skips

It is disappointing when you just cannot skip the songs and head off to choose your favorite ones. The Spotify plus plus apk for iOS lets you skip songs unlimited times so that you can enjoy your favorite songs on the go.

Unlimited songs skips spotify premiuj apk
download icon

Download and Listen Offline

A premium feature of Spotify app that lets you enjoy the downloaded songs when you are out of internet connection on your iPhone or iPad. You can download as many songs and listen to them offline with the Spotify++ IOS version.

song download and listen offline
audio icon

Better Audio Quality

Spotify has significantly raised its audio quality in its premium version. The premium apk delivers high definition audio quality of up to 320 kbps in contrast with 180kbps in its basic plan.

audio quality spotify premium apk

No Jail Break Required

The Spotify++ IOS is compatible with any iPhone, iPad or iPod without any jailbreak requirement. You can use the premium Spotify for iOS on any IOS device.

spotify connect icon

Spotify Vanced IOS

With Spotify Vanced iOS available for Spotify++ download, You can keep your listening history and playlists personal. Simply click on the gear icon, toggle the private sessions on and keep your listening private from friends and family.

spotify vanced IOS
premium features spotify

Additional Features

  • Create and listen customised playlist
  • Unlimited shuffling
  • Spotify connect – use your ios device as a remote control and connect it to any wireless device.
  • Follow your favourite music artists
  • Advanced song search options
  • Free of cost
Spotify Additional features

Drawbacks of downloading Spotify++ for iOS

Now that I have discussed all the exciting features of Spotify premium APK for iOS, I will also enlist some of the drawbacks to keep you well-informed and safe.

  • Security threats to your iOS device against malware.
  • Spotify‚Äôs restrictions for distribution of its app.
  • No support from Spotify officials.

Spotify++ IOS Alternatives



SoundCloud is one of the largest music streaming service that lets its user upload, share, stream and promote music and podcasts. The streaming platform is available in 190 countries with 375 million tracks and 40 million artists in its database. It is actually an artist promoter platform that provides them tools, resources and services to freely start their artist career.

youtube music icon

YouTube Music

YouTube, which is a subsidiary of Google, has launched its purely audio streaming platform known as YouTube Music. The YouTube Music platform is another largest streaming service having an endless music catalogue in its content library. The platform is available mostly in America, Europe and Oceania. This audio streaming service also has an edge by providing music videos along with most of its audio tracks.

tidal logo

Tidal Music

Tidal Music is an artist centered , music streaming platform that has gained and edge with its hi-fi audio streaming quality. With a total of 110 million tracks in its content library, the streaming platform promises to unite artists and their fan base. The music quality that Tidal offers is the best among all knows as MQA.

apple logo

Apple Music

Apple Music provides users with access to a vast library of over 90 million songs, ranging from the latest hits to classic tracks. It differentiates itself with curated playlists, live radio stations, and exclusive content from renowned artists.

How to get Spotify++ for IOS free?

If you are looking to get Spotify++ for IOS free, you have to check whether your iPhone is jailbroken. If it is not jailbroken you need to install a third-party installer. If your iPhone is jailbroken, you can continue to install the app using traditional methods. For Traditional method, just click the download button below,

Tips before downloading Spotify plus plus IOS

  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection
  • Download the latest Spotify Plus Plus version only to ensure all bugs are fixed.
  • Make sure your iOS version is compatible with the Spotify version you are going to download.
  • Make sure that the website you are downloading from is reliable. The is safe and sound and you can continue downloading from our website.

Download Spotify++ for iOS

Spotify++ for IOS requires third-party downloader apps to download it on IOS devices. These third-party apps host mod versions of many apps. Here is a quick guide for downloading Spotify++ but before that let me introduce you to these third-party installers. For jailbroken IOS devices, download the Spotify Plus Plus app from the link given above. If your device is not jailbroken, then utilize third-party app installers to get the app.

There are other third-party installers from where you can get Spotify++ for free. The process of downloading is the same. Some of such third-party apps are listed below.

  1. TweakBox
  2. TopStore
  3. AppValley

1. Download Spotify++ for IOS from App Valley

Step 1: Download the App Valley file from the link below

Among all the third parties given above, I have made App Valley available for you in the download button below. Click this button below to download it on your IOS device. You will see a pop-up that you just need to escape.

App Valley download

Step 2: Trust the Third-party installer – App Valley

Now that you have App Valley installed, you need to trust the developer certificate associated with the third-party app installer. For this, go to your IOS device settings and find “Profile Downloaded”. Click on it to install it and then enter a passcode and again enter to Install this configuration file on your IOS.

Step 3: Look for Spotify ++ on App Valley

Now that you have already installed the third-party app, App Valley, look for the Spotify++ app on this app. Download and Install the app on your IOS device.

Step 4: Launch your Spotify++ IOS

After the Spotify++ download is complete, go to your IOS device settings again. Navigate to general ==> Profiles. Find the Spotify++ Profile and trust this profile. Now you can start using your Spotify++ after successful installation and account creation.

install spotify++ for ios

2. Download Spotify++ IOS from Tweak Box

TweakBox is another third-party app that has a collection of modified apps for IOS devices in its library. You can get Spotiy++ for IOS from Tweakbox. Follow the simple steps given below.

get Spotify++ for IOS from Tweak box

Step 1: Download Tweakbox from the official link and install it on your IOS device. Remember to use Safari Browser for this task instead of Chrome.

Step 2: Launch the TweakBox app, and navigate to Apps Tab on the Home screen. Click Tweaked Apps.

Step 3: Type Spotify++ and click to install it on your IOS device. After installation, you will get a notification that the application developer is not trusted.

Step 4: To trust the newly downloaded Spotify++ file, go to the settings of your IOS device. General => VPN and Device Management and Trust the app.

trust device for spotify++ for IOS installation

3. Download Spotify++ iOS from Top Store

download spotify++ IOS from top store

Step 1: Download Top Store from the official link and install it on your IOS device. Remember to use Safari Browser for this task instead of Chrome.

Step 2: Launch the TopStore app, and navigate to Apps Tab on the Home screen. Click Tweaked Apps.

Step 3: Type Spotify++ and click to install it on your IOS device. After installation, you will get a notification that the application developer is not trusted.

Step 4: To trust the newly downloaded Spotify++ file, go to the settings of your IOS device. General => VPN and Device Management and Trust the app.

trust device for spotify++ installation

Real User Reviews for Spotify Premium IOS

Spotify++ for IOS changed how I listen to music! I can skip songs and enjoy no ads without paying. As a music lover, it’s awesome. It’s like getting the good stuff without paying extra!”Alexandra M. – Loves Music

“Spotify++ saved me money. I can enjoy cool features for free, perfect for a student like me. Now, I can make my study playlists without worrying about the cost.”- Jake S. – Student on a Budget

Spotify++ lets me make my Spotify look cool. I can change how it looks, and that’s awesome. It’s not just about music; it’s about looking good too!“- Sophie L. – Likes a Pretty App

Alternatives of Spotify++ for Android Users

Spotify Mod Apk 

The Spotify++ or Spotify++ for IOS is not suitable for Android users. It is only designed for devices with iOS. However, for Android users, there is Spotify premium mod APK that offers them premium Spotify features unlocked, absolutely free of cost.

Spotify free

The free Spotify APK is available on Google Play. This app has limitations in terms of features. However, the users may subscribe to Premium APK using their four different subscription plans. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

You can get unlimited skips on the Spotify iPhone by downloading the Spotify++ IPA APK file given above. However, to install the file, you need third-party installers for the iPhone without jailbreak.

Yes, the Spotify app is completely free on iOS or any Apple device.

Open the Spotify app on your iPhone and select the playlist you want to listen to. Tap the shuffle play button. The button will turn green.

Spotify++ for iOS is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod users. For Android users, you may download the Spotify premium mod APK from

It is quite possible that using Spotify++ IPA can get your account banned. The best way to avoid this is by creating your account using any secondary email address.

No, the regular updates option is only available for Spotify Premium APK for IOS. The users who have Spotify++ IPA downloads will have to get the latest updated version again from our website. Keep checking the website for the latest version of the app and bug fixes.

The Spotify Wrapped was released on Nov 29, 2023, at 8 a.m. ET.

To Wrap Up

The Spotify++ for iOS is an unofficial modified version of Spotify premium APK for iOS that provides you with all the features of a premium subscription for free. The only drawback is that the file may get your Spotify account banned. However, you can register this app on a secondary email so that you will always have the option to sign back into your primary Spotify account.

The above post covered how to download, install, and use free Spotify++ for iOS users. It also highlighted significant features of the app and much more. At, we make sure that you get your modified APK file free from malware. We download the file first and check for any potential threats before providing it to you to download Spotify++ APK on your device.

Lastly, remember that you need a third-party installer to download the plus plus Spotify iOS especially if you do not have a jailbreak iPhone or iPad. 

I hope the article has helped you and guided you well through the download and installation process. Feel free to leave your comments or queries, if any.

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