Spotify introduces personalized AI playlists – Use AI Prompts to create playlists

After a successful era of Spotify playing with AI powered DJs, Spotify has now launched Personalized AI created Playlists. Yes, you heard that right… Now you can turn your own ideas into reality using written AI prompts that turn those prompts into playlists.

Spotify, who has always been creative with their features, has come with this intelligent feature that has incorporated the artificial intelligence feature to music playlists. The feature 

The personalized AI CREATED playlist feature is currently available in the UK and Australia on both Android and iOS devices. The feature is in beta testing mode currently and Spotify plans to expand this feature once this passes its beta testing phase. 

spotify personalized Ai playlist

To start creating your own personalized AI playlists, navigate to the Library Section given on the bottom of the home screen. Click on the “+” icon and select “AI playlist”. Now you will have to enter here an AI generated written prompt. There will be a list of prompts to choose from or you have the option to enter your own. The prompts can vary according to your mood and activities.

So, whether you are in a bar, grooving to your favorite music or just gone through a breakup, Spotify AI playlist can handle the entire playlist suited to your needs, with just a Prompt.

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