Neil Young Back on Spotify

Today, the internet is full of Neil Young back on Spotify, but what has been cooking in the background? Neil Young, the 82-year-old Songwriter, and singer, has decided to revive his contract with Spotify after a long break from the biggest music streaming service, but what exactly led him to boycott the leading audio giant, Spotify?

In January 2022, The songwriter and singer Neil Young, was quite disappointed with the misleading information disseminated by Spotify over a controversy named as Covid 19 vaccine misinformation in a Joe Rogan Podcast.

After the podcast, Neil Young, who had a hard time recovering from the misleading information, decided to discontinue its contract with Spotify saying that either Joe Rogan or Neil Young (Himself) would continue to work with Spotify, one has to back off. After his statement, he openly resigned from his contract with Spotify stating that he was also done with Spotify’s sound quality anyway and now back with a decision to put music back on Spotify.

On March 12, 2024, he declared in a post published on the Neil Young Archives website, that Joe Rogan’s Exclusive contract with Spotify had come to an end, so he is all set to revive his deal with Spotify again. This decision is not only an outcome of the discontinuation of Joe Rogan’s contract but also based on other factors that he has particularly highlighted in his archives.

Neil Young wrote that “Apple and Amazon Music are also spreading the same misleading information that led him to detach from Spotify back in 2022. He further stated that he could not detach himself from Apple and Amazon music because that would confine his music to a small audience then. He has also revealed his high hopes for Spotify working on its sound quality.

There are also reports about another Singer, Joni Mitchell who also supported the boycott. Both these Spotify Artists had been the part of Covid 19 vaccine controversy in Joe Rogan’s podcast, both being victims of Polio, a disease that is no longer prevalent in North America. It is also reported that Neil Young after his detachment from Spotify has roughly faced a decline in his finances costing him around $300,000 that he otherwise had earned from royalties.

Here is a statement rolled out by Neil Young in his archives

Neil Young back on Spotify archives

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