How to transfer Spotify playlist to Apple Music

Are you planning to transfer Spotify playlist to Apple music but need help parting in all of your well-curated playlists? Or you may want to sync and clone your complete library when you decide to move from one music streaming service to another. In any case, this guide aims to simplify altering it.

Apple Music and Spotify are rival platforms, so switching from one will be complex. As a result, the two are incompatible. Therefore, you should give up on any thoughts about moving your playlists or music from one platform to another by dragging and dropping them or copying and pasting them. 

The only method to transfer your playlists across, other than slogging them track by track, is third-party programs. While some other applications and apps can help with this transfer, SongShift, Soundiiz, and Free Your Music are three of the leading competitors.

How to transfer Spotify playlist to Apple Music

Transfer Spotify playlist to Apple Music using Songshift

Before you can sign up and begin, you must first download the Songshift app to your device. The app will prompt you to sign into your Apple Music and Spotify accounts.

Before choosing the playlist or playlists you want to move from Spotify  Apple Music, you can choose “Setup Source” next. You must choose Apple Music as your end source and click “Setup Destination” during this step. Once you’ve made your selections, click the “I’m Done” button, and the playlists will be uploaded immediately.

The “Ready For Review” option will allow you to verify that everything has gone according to plan. You can manually choose the proper song and choose “Confirm Matches” if you find any errors. Songshift will then be able to verify that everything in the finished product is accurate.

You should be able to use Apple Music to listen to your Spotify playlists after all that is finished.


Songshift Pro’s pricing is $30 per year (or $7 per month) for single users, approximately equal to £24 per year or £5.50 per month. You may transfer multiple playlists with the Pro edition, which also comes with a ton of added features like SongShare SpeedShift (faster transfers), Batch Setup (setup several transfers at once), SpeedMatch (match many songs quickly), and more.

How to Install, download, and launch “SongShift for iOS.”

  • To SongShift, add “Apple Music” and “Spotify.”
  • To continue, tap “Continue.”
  • After selecting the “+” symbol at the top, tap “Get Started.”
  • In Spotify, select the “Playlist” option and then select the playlist (for the free version, only one at a time).
  • After selecting “Apple Music” as the destination, tap “Confirm.”
  • Choose “Start Shifts” and then “Review” when it’s done.
  • Ensure the songs on the playlist line up. Apple Music is the second playlist, and Spotify is at the top.
  • If any tracks require it, select “Rematch,” then pick the relevant listing.
  • After selecting “Confirm Matches” by scrolling up, click “Continue” when done.

Transfer Spotify playlist to Apple Music with Free Your Music

You may install and use Free Your Music immediately after downloading it from the App Store. With the app, you can quickly move music across over 20 different music streaming services, and it’s straightforward. Using the free version, you can also transfer a single playlist with up to 100 songs.

Open the Free Your Music app, choose your source platform (in this case, Spotify), and then move your Spotify playlists to Apple Music. Next, choose the output platform, which is going to be Apple Music. Next, choose the albums, tracks, or playlists that you wish to move. You’re done when you click “Confirm.”


You can transfer one playlist of up to 100 songs using the free edition of Free Your Music. Would you like to transfer even more? The Basic tier (unlimited transfers) costs £10.99 upfront; the Premium tier requires an annual subscription of £34.99; and Lifetime access is a whopping £174.99. The latter two levels include email support, cloud backup, auto-synchronization of all playlists and albums, and other extra features. They also allow for wrong or unsuccessful song matches to be matched again.

Transfer Spotify playlist to Apple Music using Soundiiz app

Playlists from Spotify may be moved to Apple Music using the Soundiiz app. Because of this, it’s straightforward to use and offers a free trial.

Install the app first, then launch it and choose the “Transfer Tool” option. Using this tool, log into your Apple Music and Spotify accounts. Choose every playlist you want to duplicate at this point. Once the choice is confirmed, the transfer will start.


You can move playlists one at a time using Soundiiz’s free edition. You must purchase the more expensive Premium package to perform repeated transfers in batches with more tracks and features. You can receive more music per playlist and active sync with the £36/year Premium tier.

Is a Spotify Playlist Compatible with Apple Music Without a Subscription?

Although Apple Music requires a subscription, you may use the music streaming app without cost. Your experience with music streaming is somewhat restricted, though. You cannot, for instance, listen to music that you have moved, recorded, or downloaded from another location. If someone would like to subscribe, a three-month free trial is available.

You will need to register with your Apple ID to use any of the playlist conversion apps described in the earlier sections. Thus, to move your Spotify playlists to Apple Music, you must have a membership to Apple Music. The only alternative is to download music and move it to your Apple.

Online Spotify Playlist Conversion to Apple Music

Any of the music above conversion programs will work to transfer spotify playlist to apple music online, as they require an internet connection to operate. Though it is limited to iOS devices, SongShift is the only service that has a mobile app.

Many internet options are available if you would instead move playlists from Spotify to Apple Music using your PC. Free Your Music is an additional resource in addition to Soundiiz and TunemyMusic. This app is available for download on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS platforms. 

This depends on your preferred music streaming platform’s features and how you listen to music. Both streaming services offer a range of tools that make suggestions depending on what users listen to. These features include working with friends to create custom playlists and receive frequent personalized playlists. 

We have safeguards to protect your data against unintentional loss and illegal access, use, alteration, and disclosure. Every information you give us is kept safe on our firewall-protected servers.

If all you want is a free service, Spotify comes out on top. However, your choice can be more complicated if you want to pay for music streaming services. Playing Apple Music on other Apple devices is a pleasure. For example, Apple Music is your only option if you want voice control on the HomePod.

  • On Soundiiz, select the Synchronize tool.
  • Select the Apple Music playlist that corresponds to your Spotify source playlist.
  • Set up the parameters and frequency of your synchronization.
  • Once you confirm your choice, you’re done!

To Wrap Up

In conclusion, transfer Spotify playlist to apple music may be a simple process if you have the correct resources and techniques. The important thing is to select the approach that best fits your requirements and tastes, whether using third-party services and apps or manually recreating your playlist. Even if there could be specific restrictions and variations between the two platforms, it is eventually possible to listen to your favorite music across several services without interruption. You can successfully move your playlists and seamlessly listen to your music library on Apple Music by following the directive in this article.

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