Spotify launches learning courses in the UK! Success or Failure?

Spotify is just not taking it slow. In addition to a huge library of songs, podcasts, and audiobooks with a recent launch of music videos, For the first time in the history of Spotify, the giant in the music streaming service industry, a diverse offer has left everybody amazed and startled. Spotify launches learning courses making a big-time initiative, that any other like Apple or Amazon Music has never thought about.

The music giant, Spotify, has introduced these online courses currently in the UK only. The courses are only in their initial testing phase after which Spotify is looking forward to further expanding the offering geographically around the globe.

The online educational courses that Spotify has added to its services are one of a kind. The courses have been introduced equally for Free and Premium Spotify Subscribers. Spotify initially offered two classes free of cost regardless of the account holder’s payment plan. However, after two classes, Spotify has placed a fee for each course that the user wants to continue with. 

spotify launches learning courses

Spotify being a novice and amateur in this field, has partnered with renowned online learning platforms like Skillshare, PlayVisuose, Thinkific, and BBC Maestro. Spotify has initially launched courses in four major categories. 1. Creativity 2. Healthy living 3. Entrepreneurship 4. Music. Among all the above four categories, Spotify only has experience in Music learning.

Along with great advancements, the fans are still waiting for Spotify’s HI-Fi Audio quality that will help it boost and grab a major chunk of users who have lost interest in Spotify due to its audio streaming quality that lacks lossless audio quality while others like Tidal, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. 

The best part about Spotify launching learning courses is the true interest of the audience in this online educational program, thanks to Podcasts that have disseminated the message so effectively.

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