Spotify Launch Music Videos

The Swedish music giant, Spotify, which has been expanding into new demographics and launching new features, each one of them gaining supremacy over the other has reportedly launched one of the most awaited features, a full-length video streaming, today, March 13, 2024, as notified on its newsroom and Official Twitter account. The talk of the town is “Spotify launch Music Videos“.

spotify launch music videos

The music streaming giant, Spotify, confirms the news using its official news platform that it has launched its full music videos. The feature has been introduced in limited international markets and reports are circulating that Spotify has successfully launched the Music videos rolling in the Beta testing phase in 11 countries. 

The new music video streaming feature in Spotify will let users watch videos on their Android, IOS, and TV typically giving high competition to other video streaming services like YouTube.

Download Your copy of Spotify for Android, Spotify for IOS, Spotify for PC, and enjoy the newly launched video feature.

The 11 countries where Spotify initially launched its music video features are the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Colombia, Sweden, Poland, Brazil, Kenya, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

The music streaming service initially starred a few artists in this music video, including ED Sheeran, Ice Spice, and Doja Cat.

How to switch to video streaming after Spotify launch Music videos

  • The music-to-video and video-to-audio toggle is easier than you can imagine. The users will be able to see a toggle “convert to video” while playing the song.
  • The users will also be able to toggle back to the audio while the video is being played with the “switch to Audio” option.

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