Finally, Spotify Launch Lossless Audio in 2024

Spotify soon launching its long awaited lossless audio feature enhancing its audio streaming quality; the only attribute this music streaming service has been lagging at.

After a long wait, there are indications that Spotify might finally launch its highly anticipated lossless audio streaming. Recently leaked screenshots from a Spotify beta show interface elements for a new “Lossless’ ‘ audio streaming quality option.

 This feature could provide high-fidelity music at up to 2,117 MBps, significantly enhancing Spotify’s current maximum of 320kbps. Despite earlier promises, Spotify had not provided updates on the rollout of lossless audio. However, new leaks suggest the platform’s Hi-Fi feature will be renamed to lossless audio. 

The revealed screenshots display a Windows version listing streaming quality options, including a ‘lossless’ setting at the peak, capable of reaching 1,411 kbps.

The beta version includes tools to check whether devices, internet connections, and data plans can handle lossless audio. It also recommends using wired headphones or Spotify Connect for optimal wireless audio quality, as most Bluetooth connections don’t support lossless sound fully. The data usage for lossless streaming is expected to be about 15.9MB per minute.

Lossless audio refers to high-fidelity sound achievable through high bitrate settings, specifically 24-bit/44.1kHz FLAC in Spotify’s case. The service notes that this high-quality option will be available only “when accessible” and for “select tracks.” 

The release date for Lossless is still undisclosed, leaving users awaiting Spotify’s official announcement. Internally referred to as “Enhanced Listening,” this feature might be introduced under a potential “Supremium” subscription tier. Despite not being operational in current betas, the interface updates imply that Spotify is close to releasing its promised lossless audio.

Spotify’s move comes as music enthusiasts have eagerly anticipated lossless audio since 2021, a feature already available from competitors like Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Tidal, who offer varying levels of lossless and high-resolution audio playback.

Spotify is yet to disclose the release date for its lossless audio. The Feature is rumoured to be released in 2024.

Spotify is soon to go lossless in 2024 after Spotify introduces its HiFi feature named as “Supremium” feature.

No, currently Spotify Premium is not lossless, the feature is to be launched soon.

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