How to show lyrics on Spotify? Explore

Do you love to sing along with the music artist on Spotify? Or maybe you want to learn the words of a new song or understand the meaning behind the lyrics. Whatever your reason, seeing lyrics on Spotify can enhance your listening experience and help you connect with the music. However, you might have noticed that Spotify does not always show lyrics for the songs you play, or that the lyrics feature is not available in your region or device. The question will arise in your mind, how to show lyrics on Spotify?

show lyrics on spotify mobile

Key Takeaways

  • Not all songs have lyrics, Spotify has been adding lyrics gradually to its content database.
  • On mobile, Tap the “Now playing” button and Tap the lyrics” to show lyrics on Spotify.
  • On the Desktop, click the microphone symbol while the song is playing.
  • On TV, enable the Lyrics on the right side of your Now Playing Song view.

How to see lyrics on Spotify Mobile – Android or iPhone

If you want to see lyrics on Android or iPhone, you can easily view them while you play the song in full-screen view. Here is how you can do so

  • Open the Spotify app on your Android or iPhone and play the song you want to listen to. 
  • Open the full view of the song by tapping on the Playback tab.
  • Scroll down till you see the lyrics section. Note: Not all songs have lyrics on the Spotify app.

How to show lyrics on Spotify Desktop – Windows or MAC

if you want to show lyrics on spotify desktop, you can easily see them by clicking on the microphone icon on the song play view, here is how.

  • Open your Spotify Desktop app and play the song you want the lyrics for. 
  • On the right corner of the “Now playing” tab, click the microphone icon to view the lyrics of the song. 
  • If you want to quit the lyrics view, click the microphone icon again.

How to show lyrics on Spotify TV application?

If you are looking to view lyrics along with the song being played, you may do so by enabling the lyrics option in the Song playing screen, here is how you can do this

  • Open Spotify on your TV.
  • Open the song you want to listen to.
  • Open the “Now Playing” view of the song. In the right corner, you will see the lyrics option. Click on it to enable the lyrics of the song. 
  • Once you have enabled it, you will be able to see song lyrics on the Now playing view.

Why can’t I see lyrics on Spotify?

There are many reasons why you can’t see lyrics on the Spotify app. Some possible causes are:

  • The song you are playing does not have lyrics available on Spotify. Not all songs have lyrics on the Spotify app. 
  • The lyrics feature is not available in your region or device. Spotify lyrics are not supported in every country or on every platform.
  • The Spotify app is glitchy or outdated. Sometimes, the app may have bugs or errors that prevent the lyrics from showing up. You can fix app issues by logging out and logging in again, clearing the app’s cache, or reinstalling the spotify app if needed.

If none of these methods work, you can also use third-party apps or websites that provide lyrics for Spotify songs. For example, you can use the MusixMatch app, Genius app, or Lyrics Finder website to see the lyrics of the songs you play on Spotify. These apps or websites may have more lyrics than Spotify, or offer lyrics in different languages. However, they may not always sync with the music, or have the same quality as Spotify lyrics.

Sharing lyrics on Spotify

You also have the option to share Spotify song lyrics, but only from the mobile app. Here is how to do it.

  • Once you have opened the lyrics on your mobile app.
  • Simply click on the share icon at the bottom of the lyrics screen and then select the lyrics you want to share and where you want to share

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Yes, Spotify shows lyrics on some of the songs while it is still updating its database.

To get the song lyrics on Spotify, Tap the “Now Playing” bar at the bottom. Scroll down on the same view to see the lyrics.

No, the lyrics option is available for both free and premium Spotify users.

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