How to Presave on Spotify & Create Spotify Presave Links?

How to Presave on Spotify

Are you a music lover who hates missing out on new releases from your favorite artists? Pre-saving on Spotify is just the trick you need! It’s like setting your music to auto-pilot. When an artist drops a new track, it automatically lands in your Spotify library. No fuss, no hassle. If you’re someone who loves being the first to hear the latest hits, I’ll show you how easy it is to start using the pre save feature on Spotify.

To solve the problem of missing new music releases, you can use Spotify’s pre-save feature. Simply find the pre-save link shared by the artist, click on it, and authorize Spotify to add the new tracks to your library on release day. This way, you’ll always be among the first to enjoy the latest hits. For a detailed guide on how to presave on Spotify, keep reading and never miss a beat again!

Presave on Spotify is a feature that lets the audiophiles opt for pre-saving their favorite artist’s upcoming releases. This not only notifies them of any new album from those artists but also automatically adds the new album on their Spotify Library. Cool, Right? 

Pre-saving an upcoming release is only possible when the artists execute a pre save campaign. Being a fan, the pre-save feature has always kept me updated about my most favorite artists and their new albums. For Artists, this pre-saving feature improves their first day’s album performance.

To presave on Spotify, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the Pre-Save Link: Artists usually share their pre-save links on social media like facebook, instagram, and Twitter handles, their website, or in email newsletters.
  2. Click the Link: Click on the pre-save link provided.
  3. Authorize Spotify: Log in to your Spotify account and authorize the pre-save. This allows Spotify to add the new release to your library automatically on release day.

Where to find artists’ pre-save links?

  • You can find the pre-save link on artists’ websites or social media handles. 
  • If you have subscribed to artists mailing lists, you can also get their pre-save links.
  • The Artists page on Spotify also updates the pre-save link button whenever that artists launch a pre-save campaign.
how to presave on Spotify

To set up a presave on Spotify as an artist, follow these detailed steps

Step 1: Schedule Music Distribution

First, schedule your music release with a distribution service like DistroKid, TuneCore, or CD Baby. Ensure your release date is set and all metadata is correctly filled out.

Step 2: Create Artist Landing Page

Unless you are a well known and established artist, Spotify doesn’t allow you create your countdown pages on Spotify where you can set up your  pre save link. So, to create a landing page for your upcoming release, adhere to the instructions below.

If you’re using DistroKid, set up pre-saves with their free Hyper Follow service at HyperFollow. For CD Baby, create pre-save campaigns with a free account via your CD Baby dashboard. Other distributors often have similar options, so check with them if you’re unsure. Alternatively, use “Link in Bio” tools like Linkfire,, or Hypeddit, though these usually charge a fee. Sign up and follow the instructions to create your artist landing page.

Step 3: Get Spotify URI

Once your music is uploaded and scheduled, obtain the Spotify URI for your release from your distributor. This unique identifier is necessary for creating the pre-save link.

  1. Log in to Spotify for Artists on a computer.
  2. Find the album or song in the Upcoming Releases section.
  3. Click the three dots, then hold Alt (PC) or Option (Mac) and click Copy Song Link or Copy Album Link.
  4. The URI starts with “spotify:album:” or “spotify:song:” followed by numbers and letters.
  5. Save the link in a file for easy access.

Step 4: Create PreSave Campaign

Sign up with a pre-save campaign service such as,, or SmartURL. These platforms provide tools specifically for creating and managing pre-save campaigns.

Step 5: Select Pre-Save

Within the campaign service, select the option to create a pre-save campaign. Enter your release details and upload your album or single artwork.

Step 6: Create Spotify PreSave Link

Use the campaign service to generate the Spotify pre-save link. You’ll need to input your Spotify URI and connect your Spotify for Artists account if prompted. The service will provide you with a custom URL for your pre-save campaign.

Step 7: Share Your PreSave on Spotify Link

Share the generated pre-save link across your social media channels, website, and email newsletters to ensure your fans can easily pre-save your new release.

Here are the benefits of using presaving links

Stirs up Excitement

Pre-save links build anticipation and excitement among fans, creating buzz around the upcoming release. When you build anticipation, there is an increased engagement and interest before the actual album is out.

Predicts Response

For artists, pre-save links are a proven way to calculate the potential response to their upcoming music release. By tracking the number of pre-saves, artists can estimate how well the release will be received and plan their marketing strategies accordingly. So, it is a great way to actually gauge the market response.

Creates Momentum

Pre-saves Spotify links help build momentum for the release day. As more fans pre-save the track, it gains visibility and can generate a snowball effect, attracting even more attention and interest.

Improves Playlist Chances

Having a high number of pre-saves can improve the chances of the song being added to curated playlists on Spotify. This increased exposure can lead to more streams and a broader audience reach.

Connects with Audience

Pre-save campaigns offer a way for artists to connect directly with their audience. It engages fans by making them feel involved in the release process and strengthens their loyalty.

Understands Target Audience

Pre-save links help artists understand their target audience better through the leads they gather. This data can provide insights into who is interested in their music, allowing for more targeted and effective marketing efforts in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions – How to Setup Presave on Spotify

  1. How Long Does It Take to Get a Pre-Save Link?

It typically takes a few minutes to set up a pre-save link once your music is scheduled for release with your distributor.

  1. Is Pre-Save on Spotify Free?

Yes, pre-saving on Spotify is free for both artists and fans.

  1. How to See Pre-Save on Spotify?

Fans can see their pre-saved songs in their Spotify library on the release day. Artists can track pre-saves through their distribution service’s analytics.

  1. How to Remove Pre-Save on Spotify?

To remove a pre-save, simply go to your Spotify library and delete the saved song or album after it has been released.

  1. What Does Pre-Saving a Song Do?

Pre-saving a song adds it to your Spotify library automatically on the release day, ensuring you can listen to it as soon as it becomes available.

To Wrap Up

In conclusion, using Spotify’s pre-save link feature has been very helpful in my experience as an artist. It builds excitement among fans and helps predict how well a new release will do. Pre-saves create momentum, increase the chances of getting on curated playlists, and connect more deeply with the audience. They also give valuable insights into who is interested in the music, helping to target marketing efforts better. Overall, pre-save links have made music releases more successful and engaging for fans.

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