How to turn off smart shuffle Spotify and  What It Does?

“Are you looking how to turn off Smart Shuffle Spotify”?” Depending on what kind of tools you have, the response could vary. With a computer, you may quickly turn off Spotify’s Smart Shuffle and Shuffle features without a Premium membership. However, Spotify Premium subscription is essential if you’re using an iPhone or Android device. One of the variations between Spotify Premium and Free on phones is this.

Uncovering new music that suits your taste may be challenging and intoxicating at the same time. Thankfully, Spotify constantly tests various recommendation techniques as part of its creative approach to music streaming, making this process simpler for its consumers. A function that accumulated significant notice is how to turn off smart shuffle Spotify, which was once known as Spotify Enhance but was discontinued in 2023.

spotify smart shuffle replace Spotify Enhance feature

How to turn off smart Shuffle Spotify and Shuffle if I can achieve this? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll show off how to make it both with and without Premium in this section. Additionally, you will learn how to turn off Spotify’s shuffle and play music on all devices for free. Let’s get going now.

Here we can learn how the Spotify smart shuffle functions and how it turns off. 

How to turn off smart shuffle Spotify?

The Spotify app has a “smart shuffle” feature that permits you to include suggested music in your playlist of tracks. Smart Spotify Shuffle is a tool that dynamically repositions music inside a playlist to upgrade the listening experience. Smart Shuffle curates a more personalized listening experience by considering multiple features, including genre preferences, song demand, and listening patterns, in contrast to typical shuffle modes that play songs unsystematically. Learn about more exciting Spotify premium features.

But there’s a subtlety. While some songs may play more often or in a particular order when using Smart Shuffle, this option usually balances randomness and personalization.

What does Spotify’s Smart Shuffle accomplish?

As previously mentioned, unlike traditional shuffle modes that play songs randomly, Smart Shuffle considers several parameters, including user listening habits, song popularity, and genre preferences, to determine the order in which songs are played within a playlist. With machine learning algorithms and data analytics, Spotify hopes to make its shuffle option more user-friendly and representative of each user’s musical preferences.

How to utilize Smart Shuffle on Spotify

Remove your smartphone and perform the following actions:

  • Confirm the recent version of the Spotify app on your iOS or Android device.
  • To start listening to a playlist, launch the Spotify app and choose it. For Smart Shuffle to function, a minimum of 15 songs must be in this playlist.
  • Find the Shuffle button in the playback controls. Usually, it takes the shape of two arrows meeting to make a circle.
  • Press and hold the Shuffle button. This will activate the Smart Shuffle mode automatically.

Spotify will automatically incorporate song recommendations based on your listening habits and history as soon as you enable Smart Shuffle. Suggested tracks can be easily identified since they will have a glittering icon next to them.

how to turn off smart shuffle spotify

There are the following four steps to utilize Smart Shuffle on Spotify:

Step 1

Launch the Spotify application. Only Spotify Premium members can access this feature on the mobile app. Enter your email address or username and password to log in now if you haven’t already done so.

Step 2

Select a playlist by tapping it. You can use this functionality in your Likelaylist and any playlist you make. Choose a playlist if you have Smart Shuffle enabled.

Step 3

Press the icon for Smart Shuffle. This appears to be a glittering icon with two arrows. It is located at the top, just below the playlist’s title. You can either return to standard Shuffle mode (green icon without glitter) or turn off Shuffle (grey icon). The “Now Playing” bar at the bottom of the screen is another option to tap. Next, to turn it off, hit the Smart Shuffle symbol.

Step 4

Please cast your vote (optional) for a disabled function. If you want to permanently turn off the Smart Shuffle feature, you can vote on a Live Idea that recommends a toggle setting in the settings menu. Take these actions:

Visit the community post on Live Idea.

Click or press the VOTE button on the right.

If prompted, sign into your Spotify account.

Your vote will be included. The Spotify team will work to implement the proposal if enough people approve it.

How to include music in Smart Shuffle?

Use these procedures to add music to Spotify’s Smart Shuffle:

  • Open Spotify and select the list of songs you want to add.
  • Look whether you can add songs to your playlist. Depending on your device and app version, this might be an edit icon or an “Add Songs” button.
  • You can search for specific songs to add to the playlist or visit your library.
  • You can add songs to the playlist by tapping on them. If you’d like, you can choose more than one song at once.
  • Depending on the layout of your app, after choosing the songs, hit the “Add” or “Done” button to confirm the addition.
  • Once the songs are in your playlist, do the previously outlined methods to enable Smart Shuffle.

You can permanently add a song Smart Shuffle recommends to your playlist by tapping the + icon next to the title.

Alternatively, by touching the minus sign next to the recommended music, you can get it removed if it doesn’t fit your tastes.

You can share your playlist with your pals after customizing it based on Smart Shuffle’s recommendations.

How to turn off smart Shuffle Spotify

Here we learn how to turn off smart shuffle Spotify if you’re sick of the customization and randomness. Only if you have a Premium subscription, though. How to do it is as follows:

  • On the Spotify app on your Android or iOS gadget.
  • Steer to the playlist that has Smart Shuffle turned on.
  • Seek out the icon for Smart Shuffle. It appears to be a glittering emblem with two arrows.
  • To turn it off, tap the Smart Shuffle button. To show that Smart Shuffle is no longer enabled, the icon can become less shiny or change in color.
  • Alternatively, you can press the Shuffle button until the sparkle disappears or turns white if you cannot locate the Smart Shuffle button. Doing this lets you turn off Smart Shuffle or return to standard shuffle mode.


Finally, by learning how to turn off smart shuffle Spotify and to use Spotify’s innovative shuffle feature, users may precisely and intentionally control their listening experience. Music lovers can get more out of playlists and albums by knowing how to turn off intelligent smart shuffle and use its features wisely so that every song sounds good. Using smart shuffles can open the door to a more personalized and satisfying audio experience, whether you’re looking for a smooth transition of your favorite songs or a purposeful order to fit a particular mood or occasion. Take command of your shuffle and explore the settings to ensure the music plays precisely how you want it to.

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