How to Make a Spotify Blend with Friends & Artists

Do you want to connect with your friends through music or just looking to match your musical taste with theirs? When you create a Spotify Blend playlist, you can explore and share your musical preferences with your friends. 

Creating a Spotify Blend playlist is a simple yet powerful solution to these needs. You may follow a few simple steps and merge your musical tastes with those of your friends. This feature not only enhances your personal and social listening experience but also introduces you to new music that aligns with your tastes and those of your friends. 

Here, in this article you will find the importance of Spotify blend, how it works and what are the algorithms behind these, and most importantly how to make a blend on Spotify on PC and Mobile devices, and share the Spotify blend with friends and famous artists. 

What is Spotify Blend?

Have you ever been to a social gathering where people from different backgrounds have gathered together and shared a common goal? These people, share their ideas, recommendations, and suggestions based on their past experiences. Spotify Blend works on a similar process by combining your music taste with that of other users.

The Spotify blend is a shared playlist where,  unlike a collaborative playlist, Spotify itself suggests songs, tracks, and artists based on the listening activity of all the people who are in this Social playlist. These playlists are often found as Spofiy Blend or Friends Mix. The Spotify Blend playlist updates itself daily based on the listening activities of different people in the Blend.  

To make sure that Spotify Blend is accessible to a larger audience, Spotify decided to keep it a part of their free plan. So you need not be a part of Spotify’s premium plan to enjoy the Blend Feature. Learn about Spotify Premium here and the key features that make it distinct from Spotify basic free plan.

How does Spotify Blend work?

Well, by now, you are very well aware of Spotify’s algorithms, and the level of game they have already hopped upon. if not, then learn about the recent features of Spotify Premium. The Spotify algorithm creates playlists by looking at all the music-listening activities. They use AI to analyze user listening habits including all the genres, artists, and songs that your blend playlist partners prefer listening. So, Spotify Blend works on these two phenomenons.

  1. Data Analysis

Spotify algorithms examine the vast amount of data points from all users involved in the Blend. These include not only what tracks are played and how often but also user interactions with songs (Likes, skips, replays, follows)

  1. Predictive Modeling

After Spotify analyzes all data, it anticipates which songs will appeal to the group collectively. These models continuously learn and adapt based on new data, ensuring that the blend remains dynamic and reflective of the current musical taste of users.

Why create Spotify Blend Playlists?

There are several reasons why a user is looking for “how to make a blend on Spotify”, some of the reasons are listed below.

  • Social Connection: You are likely looking to share a musical experience with friends or family. So when you create a Spotify blend playlist, you merge your musical taste with others which strengthens social bonds.
  • Curiosity and Exploration: Spotify is ever-evolving when it comes to its features. So you might be exploring new music technology and finding out how personalized playlists work, especially in how they blend different musical tastes.
  • Entertainment Enhancement: You might be seeking to enhance your personal or group entertainment through a customized playlist. This could be for personal enjoyment or for setting the mood at social gatherings, parties, or other events.
  • 4. Engagement with Friends or Community: You might want to engage or interact more actively with your friends or a community through music. Creating a Blend playlist is a direct way to see and experience the musical overlap between friends or community members.

How to Make a Spotify Blend with Friends?

The Good news is that you do not need to be a premium Spotify user to enjoy Spotify Blend. 

How to create a Spotify Blend playlist on Mobile

There are two ways you can make a Spotify Blend with friends on mobile.

Option 1

  1. Launch the Spotify App on your mobile (Android/iPhone)
  2. Go to Your Library. 
  3. Tap “+” on the top left and click “Blend”
  4. Then click Invite and select up to 10 friends whom you want to share Blend playlists with.
how to make a blend on spotify option 1

Option 2

  1. Launch the Spotify app and click Search.
  2. On the search bar, write Blend. Click the first search result named “Blend”
  3. Under “Made for us”, Tap “Create a Blend”
  4. Select up to 10 friends and tap Invite
  5. When your friends accept your Blend Request, you will be able to see your Blend under the Made for Us section.
  6. Once you have created a Blend Playlist and your friends have joined in, you will be able to see which members share the same song in their library.
  7. There is an animated icon on the banner that shows your music-listening compatibility with your friends
how to make a blend on spotify option 2

How to make a blend on Spotify on PC/Web

To Create a blend on Spotify on PC or Spotify web, follow these simple steps

  1. Launch Spotify App on your PC or open it on your browser.
  2. Go to search bar, and under Browse all section, select “Made for you”
  3. Tap “Create Blend”
  4. Now your can invite your friends (upto 10) by sending them the invite link.
  5. once your friends get the link and join the Blend, there will be a new Blend playlist shown in your “Made for you” section.
how to make a blend on spotify on pc

How to create Spotify Blend with artists

An extraordinary feature of Spotify is that it allows you to explore and collaborate with your favorite artists’ music tastes. Isn’t that a sixer?? Spotify has nailed it to the point that it can let you create blend playlists with your favorite artists so you will know what they like to listen to. Here is how you can create Spotify Blend with your favorite artists.

  1. Search the artist’s social media pages or check for the latest updates to locate a Blend invitation link. Alternatively, use one of the links provided below.
  2. Click on the link to launch it within your Spotify application.
  3. You’ll be directed to a page displaying a Blend between your profile and the artist’s.
  4. Select “Go to your Blend” displayed on the final card.
  5. To keep this playlist, simply add it to your favorites, and it will be stored either in your library or under your Blends section.

Here is a list of Artists you may choose from to Create a Spotify Blend with

What Can I Use Spotify Blend for?

Spotify playlists, including Blend playlists, are versatile and can enhance a variety of settings and experiences. Here are some common scenarios where Spotify playlists are particularly useful:

  • Social Bonding: With Spotify Blend, family members and friends can combine their musical preferences into a single playlist. This strengthens connections through a shared love of music by providing a soundtrack that everyone can enjoy together and igniting discussions about musical interests and favorites.
  • Music Discovery: Spotify Blend exposes users to new musicians and songs they might not have discovered otherwise by combining their diverse musical tastes. This feature is a great resource for anyone keen to discover new musical genres and artists because it makes use of algorithms to broaden your musical horizons.
  • Engaging Remote Teams: In a remote work setting, Spotify Blend can be used to foster team cohesion and provide a shared virtual space through music. Teams can create a Blend playlist to feel more connected, enjoying a collective playlist that resonates with everyone’s musical tastes during work or virtual social events.
  • Celebrations: Spotify playlists may be created to meet the theme and tone of a birthday party, anniversary, or holiday event. They assist in establishing the tone by playing music that appeals to all attendees, creating a lively and pleasurable mood.
  • Long-Distance Relationships: Sharing a Spotify Blend playlist allows partners to feel closer by listening to the same music regardless of physical distance. It allows you to express your moods, learn about each other’s musical interests, and preserve a sense of shared everyday experiences.
  • Gym Buddy: Workout aficionados frequently utilize Spotify playlists to time their workouts with a companion. A shared playlist can stimulate both people by providing an upbeat soundtrack that improves performance and enjoyment during workouts.
  • Remote Work: Spotify playlists can help remote workers maintain a productive and pleasurable environment. Teams can share playlists to create a community office environment, reducing feelings of isolation and strengthening team bonds through shared music preferences.
  • Travelling: Spotify playlists are a must-have for many travelers, offering a soundtrack for road trips, airlines, and lengthy train rides. A well-curated playlist, whether it includes peaceful tunes to alleviate travel anxiety or uplifting songs to energize an excursion, may significantly improve the trip experience.

Future of Spotify Blend

The potential of tools like Spotify Blend will advance in tandem with technological advancements. Potential improvements in the future could be:

  • Increased Customization Tools: These are tools that let users customize playlists even further, maybe letting them select more precise blending parameters like tempo- or mood-based standards.
  • Integration with Virtual and Augmented Reality: Spotify may be able to combine Blend playlists with social media sites or virtual concerts as these technologies advance, providing users with an entirely immersive listening experience.
  • AI-Driven Social Features: More advanced AI-driven social features may be included in later versions, enabling users to connect with others outside of their immediate social networks based on musical compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spotify Blends automatically updates new songs based on your and your friends’ listening activity. You can’t add songs yourself.

No, Spotify Blend is available for free and premium users.

You cannot remove songs from Spotify Blend as the songs are automatically curated based on the user’s listening patterns.

To leave a Spotify Blend playlist, go to the playlist, click settings, or “…” and tap “leave Blend”.

Blend playlists update automatically; ensure both users continue listening to their favorite tracks to influence the playlist.

Currently, users cannot change the cover of a Spotify Blend as it is generated automatically.

You cannot add friends to an existing Blend; you need to create a new Blend with the desired group of friends because Spotify Blend lets you add up to 10 friends only.

Blend playlists can be found in your library under “Made for You” or by searching “Blend” in your playlists section.

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