How to connect Spotify to Discord?

Discord is a popular source to connect with others. If you are a person who wants to know the magical features of Discord or want to acquire expertise in integrating your favorite apps or platforms to foster their recognition around your friends circles or your siblings so you are at the right place of acquiring knowledge about how to connect Spotify to Discord.

Spotify offers access a huge albums of tremendously increasing musicians and artist streaming their talent on Spotify. If you want to share your album to your favorite people or want to advertise some playlist of your biggest singers, then you should choose discord for this need. Users can integrate their music priorities into their Discord experience. Learn in detail how to connect Spotify to Discord. You can also learn how to connect Spotify to Alexa.

What is Discord?

Some chunks of this platform are introduced in the introduction. Discord offers the characteristic to stream Spotify directly in the platform to embrace the social dimension of music playlists and reputation. 

App Interface of Spotify on Profile and Mini Profile

The interface would be in a way:  

It would be a green page with greyish black background picture having Discord written on it. You can keep any picture as a profile image.

How to Connect Spotify To Discord -Steps Simplified

  • Step 1: Install Discord.
  • Step 2: Open the Discord application on your desktop or laptop and press the option settings.
  • Step 3: After going on settings, select connections and click on Spotify.
  • Step 4: It will open the Spotify’s End User License Agreement.
  • Step 5: Go for option Agreed. Afterwards, it will direct you to Spotify website or web page.
  • Step 6: Sign in to Spotify to integrate to Discord.
  • Step 7: You will now pop up with the notification that Spotify is connected to Discord.
  • Step 8: Come back to the Discord and again go for the option connection. Here you will confirm your connected Spotify account.
  • Step 9: Turn on the button Display on Profile to express your Spotify activity to Discord profile.
  • Step 10: Click the traditional plus (+) button within the Discord and choose the friends or group you want to invite to listen to your Spotify album.
  • Step 11: You will see a Screen displaying your song. You can also have a conversation, add up a comment and send more invites to share your preferred music.

Well the music wont play during the voice calls, for music its necessary to communicate via texts.

 How to Disconnect Spotify from Discord

To Disconnect Spotify from Discord

  • Next to your user name, go on the “user settings” in discord on the gear icon.  
  • Click on the settings on the left from the menu option.  
  • There you will find the Spotify icon in your connected accounts list.  
  • On the right of Spotify, click on the X button.  
  • An assurance prompt will appear, click “Disconnect” to detach your Spotify from Discord.  

How to Invite your friends to listen with you

To listen along with friends, you have to get a Spotify premium to enjoy with friends otherwise you will face an error.  

  • While Spotify is playing, press the plus (+) button. You will get this button in your text box. This will help you in inviting your buddies and companies.  
  • You will receive a message Preview of your invite, and now in text box you are also able to add a comment.  
  • After sending invites, your friends now can accept the invite and join you to listen sweet lyrics/tunes.  
  • On the bottom left of your application, you can also assess what your friends are listening. 

How to record on Spotify for Offline Listening

Record Spotify Audio Using EaseUs Recorder

EaseUs RecExperts is a popular screen recorder for online recording of Spotify music. It avails an intuitive features and interface.

  • This software is a versatile one and allows users to change recording settings for their own choice, from the favorable audio input source to the customization of volume.
  • It also apprehends automatic recording sessions, even when users are not using the interface.
  • This offers the variety of recording modes for your diverse recording needs.
  • Its Audio recording feature allows users to record their own voice and to capture sound from their PC.

Record Spotify Songs using Audacity

  • Step 1: Right click the Audacity application to launch Audacity. Its the icon that is similar to fire sound waveform covered with the blue headphones.
  • Step 2: Choose an Audio host. Go for the Drop down box on the left of the microphone icon and choose On windows: WASAPI windows and On Mac: Core Audio
  • Step 3:  Select a recording application.
  • Step 4: Choose for the Stereo recording.
  • Step 5: Now click the drop down box to the right of the speaker sign and select the audio playback device.
  • Step 6: You will find out a record button so click it.
  • Step 7: Press the play button, after it done so stop it and save your recording.


In conclusion, to connect Spotify to Discord is a simple and enjoyable process that can greatly enhance your listening and gaming experience. Not only does it allow you to share your favorite music, but it also enables you to discover new tracks with your friends.

As a lover of music and technology, I can confidently say that this integration provides a unique and immersive experience that is hard to find on other platforms. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to share it with your friends and follow our blog for more tech and music-related tips.

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